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Oil booms surrounding islands off Louisiana in an attempt to stop oil.

Burning off oil in the Gulf of Mexico.

Nale-IT is on the U.S. EPA  NCP Product Schedule for use by On-Scene Federal Coordinators per 40 CFR Section 300.910
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Credit Petty Officer 1st Class J. Masson
Credit Petty Officer 1st Class J. Masson
In-situ treatment of tank bottoms with Nale-IT dramatically reduced and in some cases completely eliminated volatile hydrocarbon vapors.
Nale-IT Meets EPA Criteria for “Shrimp Toxicity Tests”:
The U.S. EPA, Oil Program Center, Technical Bulletin #SW 28 indicates that Nale-IT exceeds EPA toxicity standards when used to treat No. 2 fuel oil in the presence of live Menidia beryllina and Mysidopsis bahia shrimp.

Worker sampling degraded crude contaminants in Trinidad. .

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DD+ Absorbents are infused with Nale-IT in manufacturing process for immediate containment of hydrocarbon contaminants and rapid in-situ or ex-situ bioremediation.
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