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Reduced TPH levels (<26,714 mg/kg) in abandoned crude pits in the Amazon Basin to > 2,250 mg/kg in less than 5 days.

DD+ & Nale-it...

DD+ Absorbent is infused with Nale-IT in manufacturing process for immediate containment of hydrocarbon contaminants and rapid in-situ or ex-situ bioremediation.


Nale-IT® Technology...

Product Characteristics:


Nale-IT® is a non-hazardous, biodegradable, synergistic blend of nutrient rich chemistry, developed for rapid in-situ or ex-situ bioremediation of petroleum contaminated soils, drilling cuttings, acid slurries, refinery waste, and crude waste pits.  Nale-IT is extremely effective in reducing semi-volatile and volatile organic compounds in soils, such as 1,2,4-Timethylbenzene,  1,3,5-Trimethylbenzene, Ethylbenzene, Isopropylbenzene, m&p xylene, Napthalene, n-Butylbenzene,  

n-Propylbenzene, sec-Butylbenzene, 2-Hexanone, Xylene & Dibromofluormethane.


  ●  Lab results of the U.S. EPA LC-50 Toxicity Test on Mysidopsis bahia shrimp

      confirm Nale-IT is compatible with one of the most sensitive eco-systems

      (click here for EPA report).  Additionally, trout bioassay results show Nale-IT

      meets Canadian standards for non-toxic materials.


  ●  Lab tests conducted by EFEH & Associates, an EPA approved lab,

      revealed Nale-IT is 100% biodegradable after 16 days in an aqueous

      phase (click here for EFEH lab report).




  ●  Bio-remediation:  When mixed with water and applied to fresh hydrocarbon

      spills or degraded contaminants, Nale-IT utilizes the diversity of  indigenous

      microbes (1 gram of soil can contain up to 10¹º microorganisms) to

      convert gasoline, diesel, kerosene, jet fuels, benzene,  phenols, ketones,

      esters, porphyrins, pyridines, quinolines, sulfoxides and amides into

      harmless bi-products.


  ●  Vapor Suppression:  Nale-IT encapsulates hydrocarbon molecules in water

      on contact, creating a chemically stabilized solution.  As the result, field tests

      indicate that Nale-IT can virtually eliminate airborne hydrocarbon vapors on an

      open air bio-cell.  Tests on above ground crude storage tanks also indicate that

      Nale-IT can reduce, and in some cases, virtually eliminate critical hydrocarbon

      vapor levels immediately after treatment, allowing safe entry by properly

      trained and equipped personnel.


After years of rigorous testing, the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) informed SPL Control, LLC on November 5, 2001 that “Nale-IT” satisfied all requirements for listing on the EPA’s National Contingency Plan (NCP) Product Schedule under “Surface Washing Agents” and was authorized for use by Federal On-Scene Coordinators in accordance with 40 CFR section 300.910 in the event of catastrophic events.  The EPA also directed that technical data on Nale-IT be kept on file with the EPA’s Oil Program Center pursuant to 40 CFR section 300.920. To view this, click on the following EPA link...


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Nale-IT is on the U.S. EPA  NCP Product Schedule for use by On-Scene Federal Coordinators per 40 CFR Section 300.910


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Reduced 167,774 ppm PHC to less than 12,260 ppm in 2 days in-situ with Nale-IT.
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